Always with you

Always with you

Whether for work 💼 or on vacation to the beach 🏖️
with our Conservas you always have meals
tasty, practical and healthy

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July Basket  9 Canned Fish + 29 Pâtés

July Basket
9 Canned Fish + 29 Pâtés

With 10% discount fill up the pantry with Canned Fish
and Pâtés for practical, tasty and nutritious meals.

Ensure a balanced and healthy diet the whole month,
without spending hours in the kitchen.

Sardine Roes

Sardine Roes

Missing this Canned Fish, so delicate and very special?

The Sardine Roes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is back,
but with a very limited stock.

Tuna Pastry Envelopes

Tuna Pastry Envelopes

An easy, comforting and crunchy recipe to surprise family and friends.

Eat with refinement, without wasting too much time cooking.

As nossas marcas


Nutritious, practical and very tasty, your Manná Canned Fish and Fish Pâtés are the ideal companion for your meals and, as you know, they are produced with no added dyes or preservatives. Manná gives you tuna, gives you sardine, gives you horse mackerel, gives you mackerel. Manná gives you Sea.



Feel the true essence and flavor of a unique Canned Fish. For each Jupiter Canned Fish we select the best fish and prepare it by hand, can by can, with the skill and canning know-how, which has characterized us for over 65 years. The perfect balance is provided by the exquisite Organic Olive Oil.

Experience Packs
Pack Spicy Fans
Love Strong Emotions? This Pack is for you!
The Best of Eating Canned Fish

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for our health and well-being.

Discover all the benefits of Canned Fish Consumption.

Our Certifications
Conserveira do Sul

Founded in 1954, in Olhão, Conserveira do Sul produces high quality Fish Pâtés and Canned Fish.

Our production is traditional, the fish is prepared and canned by hand, allowing us a high quality control of the final product.

We work with several species of Fish, mainly with Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna and Horse Mackerel.

Our Portfolio presents several Historic Brands, with great reputation both nationally and internationally. Manná (1954 registration), Good Boy (1950) and the company's first brand, Jupiter (1947).

Conserveira do Sul is also elected as a producer of Distributor Brands from several national and foreign companies, which entrust their Projects and Brands to the know-how that characterizes us.

Daily, and for 68 years, our mission and focus remain unchanged: to produce and offer to our customers products of high nutritional quality, produced with no added dyes or preservatives, practical, diversified and tasty.