Makerel Stew

4 Servings
40 Min

2 latas de Mackerels in Hot Tomato Sauce Manná

400g of bell peppers

350g of potatos

300g of onion

200g of tomato pulp

100 ml of white wine

lemon juice (to taste)

80g of coriander

30g of garlic clove

5g of paprika

Olive oil (to taste)

1 bay leaf


1. Start by cutting the onion, tomato pulp, garlic clove and bell pepper. Put everything in the pan for the base of the stew, along with the bay leaf and the oil, let it cook.

2. Place the potato cut into slices, add the white wine, the lemon juice and the paprika. Let it stew for about 20 minutes.

3. Finally, add the Mackerel (including the sauce from the can), turn it off and cover, letting it rest to refine the flavors. Finnish by sprinkling with fresh coriander at the end.