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Zona Industrial de Olhão, Lt 122/141, 8700-281 Olhão, Portugal    |    Tel: (+351) 289702016     |   Email:

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Manná, delighting since 1954

In 1954 along with the purchase of Conserveira do Sul, António Jacinto Ferreira takes another big step for the future of this company, he creates the Manná brand.

Since then, Manná brand has acquired great prominence and has grown side by side with Conserveira do Sul. Today it is a renowned brand, recognized nationally and increasing internationally.

Manná’s range of products has as its main products canned sardines, mackerels, anchovies, tuna, the highly appreciated roes and other specialties, all accompanied by various sauces (vegetable oil, tomato, lemon, pickled, and many others).

Another delicacy of this brand are the compelling fish pates, for its creamy texture and unique flavor, they have been the delight of all those who have tasted them. The first to be produced was the sardine pate (in 1986), followed by the tuna pate (in 1987) and more recently focused on the production of shrimp pates (in 1999) and mackerel (in 2012).

About Us

Conserveira do Sul is a family-oriented company dedicated, since 1954, to the production of pates and canned fish.

Being a certified and award-winning company, Conserveira do Sul is renowned both in national and international markets.

Audacity, commitment, perseverance and passion for work are the keywords of Conserveira do Sul, who assumed from the beginning of its existence a quality commitment to all consumers who taste each product produced by the company.


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Visit our store in Olhão

Located in Rua da Conserveira in Olhão, (near the pier to the islands) our store is an ideal place to get to know and buy our products.